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Integrity Book Club

Integrity Book Club

It’s a book club that brings together groups, friends, and others. Its purpose is very simple: to change our reading habit to a higher level. This book club wants to eliminate the old reading habit that was not really beneficial. This habit is not good for our spiritual health nor is it good for our educational life. This book club was created in 2009 with the intention that all my friends gather together to read the word of God more often to become a stronger reader.

In the Integrity Book Club, we want to read some other religious articles and all other non-religious ones as well. We choose to do this simply so that people can read and understand the word of God better. Every time we read a book, we must all agree that it is a subject that we all agree to offer our time in and share what each person has understood in the subject and share it with others as well.

A daily dose of reading can do wonders for your memory, health, and relationships. The best thing you can do for your brain today requires minimal money, space, and time—just pick up a good book. Out of the countless methods to improve everything from memory to sleep quality, the most tried-and-true option is to read, experts say. And just as you should exercise or eat vegetables each day, you reap the most brain-boosting rewards when you read regularly (Brooke Nelson, 2023).

We encourage everyone who would like to read and share their time with integrity book club to follow all the principles and benefits of studying together.

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